Vr2522 pressure washer engine manual

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Finally when it came free there was a loud pop and the hose flew off - almost taking my head off. Start the engine up, if the pump is working it should spray out an additional 20' minimum. Make sure that there is water coming out of the wand, with engine off and source of water turned on first.

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Obviously A LOT of pressure built up there that wasnt able to dissipate that I hope is a new clue. BG Last nht, I shut my HP M8530F desktop running Windows 7 down for the evening.

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But I couldnt get the pressure want to disconnect easily from the hh pressure hookup..

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Mine is this one: UNLOADER REPAIR KIT WITH 11MM SEAT FOR- After I fired it up and still got no pressure I was going to put it back in garage.

Vr2522 pressure washer engine manual:

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