Scosche slc4 user manual

Installing new Double DIN. SLC4 output converter? 03 Santa Fe.

Items included: NOTE: Most of the threads and videos I’ve seen up to this point have mentioned using Metra 70-1786 (RCA).

FM Transmitter Users Manual F4_R_SglPgs_Scosche.

To check which system you have, count your speakers and check here:

Bose/Schosche Adapter - Page 3 -

Saab 9-5 H/K Aftermarket Stereo / Subs Installation.

This thread confronts vehicle-specific issues and is not intended to be a step by step guide.

Scosche TA-03 Wiring Kit Noise Mod - Forum

I didn’t make a full tutorial because a lot of what I did was trial and error but hopefully what I can offer helps someone.

Scosche slc4 user manual:

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