Repair manual fender frontman pr241

Frontman Reverb PR-241 Review Fender Guitar Amplifiers.

The DRIVE channel also incorporates Fender's innovative "smooth dipping' circuit.

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The manual was a life saver and was not easy to track down. Packed full of features which I had no idea how to operate . ) I bought the manual and within an hour the download was available.

<em>Frontman</em> Reverb PR-241 Review <em>Fender</em> Guitar Amplifiers.

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The common equalization section consists of TREBLE and BASS controls in addition to Fender's exclusive MID control.

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This control provides midrange "tone shaping" that will continuously vary your sound from smooth and bluesy to a punchy honk, or all the way back to 0 for the ultimate heavy metal overdrive!

Repair manual fender frontman pr241:

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