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We also alned the tuner front-end for optimum AM & FM performance as older internal tuner components have always drifted on vintage gear over the years. Following restoration procedures, the unit was run continuously at medium volume, as all our amplifier / receivers are, into a load with ""Loudness"" on and both Tone Controls at 10 for 48 hours. Kenwood KR-4070 Features: Brushed aluminum face and knobs in like NEW condition. World AC Power correctly set for North American current.

Kenwood KR-5150 - Manual - Solid State AM/FM

All meter and dial lamps replaced for trouble-free service. On our test bench, both this unit's amplifiers produced peak power of 12 volts per channel @ 8 ohms for 18 watts and 10 volts @ 4 ohms for 25 watts per channel via discrete outputs with 1 k Hz input. AC Idle current at .2A, DC offset output This Kenwood KR-3200 stereo receiver would be great in a smaller office, bedroom, cabin system! We also alned the tuner front-end on both AM & FM bands for optimum performance as older tuner components will have 'drifted' over the years.

QUADRAFLEX PCD488 Sankyo STD-2000 Single Cassette Deck

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Other minor electrolytic capacitors tested and replaced where necessary. All functions test fine, including the 'Timer' (Normally we disconnect the 'timers' on these Kenwoods due to a nylon connector linkage sleeve that will likely break in the future (almost 100% of the time) from a user applying too much torque at some point.

QUADRAFLEX PCD488 Sankyo STD-2000 Single Cassette Deck

As always, Bias current and DC offset checked for tolerable limits and adjusted when necessary and possible. Kenwood KR-3200 Features include: (Tape Monitors can be used with Video / CD / DVD / VCR / DAT / i Pod / MP3 / XM / SIRUS CDR (CD recorders as well as for inserting snal processors, such as EQ's, Reverbs, Spatial Enhancers / Dynamic Processors, Noise Reduction units, Special Effects units, Time Delays, etc) Dubbing can be used with CDR (CD recorders) units) - AUX Input (may also be used for Video / CD / DVD / VCR / DAT / MP3 / XM / SIRUS etc.) - Front mounted 1/4" stereo headphone jack - Analog VU Snal Strength meter for AM & FM tuning - Built-in ferrite AM stick antenna - Brushed aluminum face and knobs in like NEW condition. Nice looking classic brushed aluminum face and knobs with only minor scuffs. Measures 17.25" wide x 13.75" deep x 5.25" tall and wehs 21 lbs unpacked. Internal fuses checked for correct value / function and replaced where necessary.

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