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So the year was 1993, and a new chance for the characters of the old As soon as the game begins the first thing we see is a beautiful scene of a landscape full of greenery, prairies, lakes; but a few seconds later the beautiful scene is broken by a bird suffocated by a poisonous substance in the air generated by a polluted river, falling down in a humorous cartoony way followed by a corresponding sound effect.

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<strong>Day</strong> of The <strong>Tentacle</strong> - Día del Tentáculo - Parte 1 Español - YouTube

Day of The Tentacle - Día del Tentáculo - Parte 1 Español - YouTube

Since 1987 when was published, Lucasarts used to amaze us, year by year, with its orinal adventures; making this genre's buffs forget each and every other company release, focusing almost exclusively in the new Lucas game.

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Fred's pets from its predecessor game), who are taking a walk through the Dr Fred's mansion's backyard.

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