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In newer editions of the FW, it has an option to use the common files. It lacks compatibility with many new games and it has a problem displaying cheat codes if there are too many. Some older ROM trimmers cut off too much data from the ROM and break download play, along with causing other issues. As of firmware 1.10, the R4 unit patches automatiy.

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To add a homebrew, simply add the following lines at the proper location (alphabetiy) of the list: (runs, runs with problems or other launcher, doesn't run or untested) URL Is the link of homebrew TITLE is the Homebrew Name VERSION is the Homebrew version tested FW is the firmware version used to test the game (a 'b' denotes a beta version of the firmware) NOTES is any additional information that mht be relevant Newer Nintendo DS Lite models have different Wi-Fi hardware that is not supported by homebrew using dswifi 0.3c or earlier.

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ES502 BB Fishfinder Manual - Si-Tex

This has been fixed with dswifi 0.3d (released 01/29/2007) however not all projects have been updated for this latest release.

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There has been another update to dswifi 0.3.1 () Homebrews will need to be updated for newer DS Lites.

Impulse 4040 fish finder manual:

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