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One such headset is the Samsung WEP460, a lower-end model.

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Your headset overview Earhook Earpiece Multi-functionbutton Volumeup button Indicatorlht Headquarters:  Volumedown ▪1301East Look  outDrive Richardson,   button TX75082  Microphone Chargerjack Internet Address: ▪ Care Center: Guide No  .:GH68-xxxxx A▪1-888-987-435708/2008.

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If  thepairingissuccessful,  the  blueindicator • • Active mode  : The  headset  has  a   in  progress.

Samsung WEP460 Bluetooth Headset review - CNET

 (Bluetooth  PIN:0000,   • Standby mode: The  headset  iswaitingfor  a  .

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