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In the social sciences, implementation theory is growing in importance for policy and practice, as agencies in the public and private sector continue to foster innovation and change, and to embed and integrate organizational and technological innovations in practice.

Nonpharmacological Interventions for Pain Management in

The objectives of this study are to: develop a set of NPT-based measures and formatively evaluate their use for identifying implementation problems and monitoring progress; conduct preliminary evaluation of these measures across a range of interventions and contexts, and identify factors that affect this process; explore the utility of these measures for predicting outcomes; and develop an online users’ manual for the measures.

<strong>Clinical</strong> Guideline - AWMF

Quality Assurance for Point-of-Care Testing in Veterinary. -

The measures developed in the study will be available for use by those involved in planning, implementing, and evaluating complex interventions in healthcare and have the potential to enhance the chances of their implementation, leading to sustained changes in working practices.

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This study aims to develop and validate simple generic tools derived from NPT, to be used to improve the implementation of complex healthcare interventions.

Qas clinical practice manual 2012:

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