Manual manipulation of frozen shoulder

Manipulation Under Anaesthetic - Royal Berkshire

This que is used in the treatment of frozen shoulders.

Adhesive Capsulitis - Physiopedia, universal access to

This is combine with an injection of local anaesthetic and steroid to reduce inflammation and pain.

Adhesive Capsulitis - Physiopedia, universal access to

Arthroscopic release and manipulation under

The aim of the manipulation is to reduce the recovery time by stretching the joint by the surgeon in a controlled maner, to gain full range of movement.

Frozen Shoulder - The Reading Shoulder Unit

A shoulder becomes frozen when the soft tissues around the joint become tht and short (i.e. This prevents the shoulder from moving and leads to the pain and stiffness with which you are familiar.

Manual manipulation of frozen shoulder:

Rating: 97 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates