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The course examines LRU troubleshooting from a theoretical and functional perspective.

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The following areas are covered: The line maintenance course is a condensed, 5-day session enabling cians to understand aircraft systems and servicing with an emphasis on practical experience to build aircraft maintenance ss.

Beech 90, A,B,C,E90 <i>King</i> <i>Air</i> <i>Maintenance</i> <i>Manual</i> - Essco

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Moderate troubleshooting is stressed and reinforced with actual hands-on sessions on available aircraft.

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Hawker 700 Maintenance Training Hawker 800 Maintenance Training Hawker 750 Maintenance Training Hawker 800XP Maintenance Training Hawker 850XP Maintenance Training Hawker 900XP Maintenance Training Hawker 1000 Maintenance Training Hawker 4000 Maintenance Training Our initial-level maintenance training courses cover all applicable ATA chapters, addressing aircraft systems’ theory, operation, inspection, and servicing.

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