Fluke 52 ii thermometer manual

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Almost all instrument vendors provide calibration service, but if your have proper gear in lab – calibration can be performed at spot. Fluke recommends 5700A calibrator which cost many many thousands dollars, but it’s not the only way to calibrate these temperature meters. Calibration A-D convertor by providing 80.0000m V and -8.00000m V to inputs.

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We will use calibrated “poor-man” DC standard, calibration fixture (two-copper terminal jack made from two thermocouple T jacks). -82°C with tested K-type thermocouple hanging in 25C room temp ain’t rht. -8.00000m V read as -7996.9 u V, which is in range for calibration requirements of –7995.0 to –8005.0. After corrected offset: “After calibration” Performance test values (K-Type Thermocouple) with icebath.

<em>Fluke</em> 52 Test Equipment eBay

Fluke 52 Test Equipment eBay

Almost every electronic measurement device needs calibration to adjust internal offsets and errors to minimum. 48.8382 m VDC / 1200 °C Same K-type probe reads correct 25.6°C now.

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Calibration usually requires at least twice better accuracy “standard” for reference, so it’s often rather troublesome without having gear and knowledge.

Fluke 52 ii thermometer manual:

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