Control sony rm-v210 manual

RC Sony RM-V310, RM-V210 & RM-EZ4 Remote Control Quick.

Test the entered code if it does not work, repeat this procedure. Select the Component button you would like to confure.

Sony RM-V210 - Universal Remote Manual

Now, alternate between pressing the [Channel ] and [Power] buttons.

What are the codes for a <em>Sony</em> RM V310 universal remote <em>controller</em>.

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[1] VCR [2] DVD/Receiver Combo [3] DSS Receiver, Dital Cable Box, Dital Video Recorder [4] Receiver [5] CD Player [6] Tape Deck [7] MD Deck [8] Television [9] Analog Cable Box [0] DVD Player Press [Set] and [Power] at the same time. If you would like to use the receivers volume controls for all components, press the [Volume ] button.

Sony RM-V210 Universal Remote for 4 Devices.

If you would instead like to use the TVs volume control under video devices and the receiver for audio devices, press [Volume -].

Control sony rm-v210 manual:

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