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Apparently someone inadvertently loaded it into a "Murano" folder of it's own rather then into the folder with the 2007 manuals.

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So, if you have a 2011 Nissan Factory Service/Repair manual it would have the same content as the manual for the 2012 Murano. -OEM HID conversion & HID fogs -OEM i Pod interface -Upgraded (non-Bose) speakers - Pioneer TS-A1702C & TS-G1643R -Muth snal mirrors -Valley Industries hitch and wiring harness -Aluminum fuel tank shields -Air Helper Springs Replaced with 2013 BMW x5d Yes, you are correct it is there.

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Yes, the 2003 to 2009 Nissan Factory Service/Repair manuals in pdf form are available on various internet forums but the 20 manuals are not.

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Remember, there were changes in the 2011 Murano and such changes carried over to the 2012.

2006 nissan murano service manual free download:

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