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The Motorola DSR6000 has a couple of neat features including a new channel guide with 14 days of detailed programming information, Full HD, 3D, Dolby Dital via HDMI Only, on screen search by title and interests, parental controls and the showing of unsubscribed channels in dim grey in the channel guide.

Shaw Direct Motorola DSR600 Satellite Receiver Review Tech.

The Motorola DSR600 uses the same chipset as it’s b brothers the DSR605 and DSR630 PVR and unlike the previous Shaw 209 receiver the DSR 600 does full HD.

Shaw Direct Motorola DSR600 Satellite <i>Receiver</i> Review Tech.

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The new Shaw Direct Motorola HDDSR600 is a ultra small, compact lhtweht hh definition (HD) satellite receiver.

SHAW DIRECT Reception Information Hardware in First Section

Also missing from the stripped down DSR 600 are UHF Remote control, front panel LED Display for clock and channel information, modem for PPV ordering, front panel power button and rear esata or usb jack to add an external Hard Drive for PVR capability.

Star choice receiver manual:

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