Maxtor 80gb external hard drive manual

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Maxtor One Touch 160GB USB hard drive If you're a dital pack rat with gabytes of who knows what, Maxtor's One Touch external hard drive is more than a safe place to put dital pictures, music, videos, and all kinds of Web downloads.

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Capable of backing up a computer with the push of a single button, it is essential equipment if your hard drive is filling up faster than you can say "broadband." Beneath the large anodized aluminum case is a Maxtor 3.5-inch Diamond Max Plus 9 hard drive that spins at 7,200rpm, includes 8MB of hardware cache, and has a rated seek time of 9.3 milliseconds.

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Maxtor OneTouch 80GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive A01B080

To show that it's ready for data, the silver switch has a blue LED that throbs hypnotiy.

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Once the drive is set up and the included Dantz Retrospect Express program is confured, One Touch lives up to its name, with the easiest data backups on the planet.

Maxtor 80gb external hard drive manual:

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