Hpm d817 2 manual

Programming instructions for HPM D817/2 or 817/2 Ra Puke Moana

For example, you can program an HPM Seven-Day dital timer to keep a lamp on for two hours after you leave your home, or to turn off an electric blanket 30 minutes after you go to bed.

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1) I have located a similar timer, with similar buttons.

<i>Hpm</i> Dital Timer <i>Manual</i> - Askiver Docs

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Tork 451D with manual: The buttons are in different order, and Tork is 120Volt timer, not 240Volt like HPM.

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I doubt this information will help if you are simply looking for a clear cut 1:1 manual to sell on-line.2) The HPM timer does not sell in US, but the timer is inexpensive and you can purchase the timer for $27 and scan manual into pdf format.3) HPM also has a contact us page, but I don't know if they will send manual of if link is good:

Hpm d817 2 manual:

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