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1755 La Costa Meadows Drive San Marcos, California 92078 USA760-744-6950* / 800-854-1993 Fax: 760-736-6250 Please note: new area code for FCI “442” effective January 1, 2009 Information Sheet (OIS)GF90Insertion Gas Mass Flow Meter GF90 -Agency Approval 23(Block 1)Not required Factory Mutual (FM)CSAATEX II 2 G per ATEXDirective 94/9/EC, EExd IIC T4, CE Mark- - -Block No.

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Once you have determined all the specifications, contact an FCI representative or FCIdirectly for price information or additional options not shown.

Fluid components intl - Fluid Components International

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With ST98, FCI combines superior, equal mass thermal-dispersion flow sensing elements and precision electronics with exacting actual fluid calibration and a choice of rugged, industrial enclosures to deliver accurate, hy repeatable flow measurement and long lasting service for the most demanding processes. load; output per NAMUR guideline NE 431, field selectable for hh =21.6m A or low =3.75m A.

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Fci st98 user manual:

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