Futaba r136f receiver manual

Futaba FX-22 w/R7008SB Receiver 14-channel

I don't think it's worth doing just to get a hovercraft - if you want propulsion and steering with a pair of fans just use a proprietary V-tail mixer and speed controllers that reverse (ie, the electronics that I had in the Mark 1). Firstly, I preferred the use of fairly small diameter thrust fans (as on Mk 1 and Mk 2A hovercraft).

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This steering is easily achieved in radio control by means of a v-tail or delta mixer.

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That is, you can turn rht by generating more thrust on the left side, much like a tank or bulldozer steers by driving one track faster then the other.

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In order to control the fans and thrust reversers of the Mark 2B, I have built and programmed an on-board mixer for the radio control, using a microcontroller programmed in assembly.

Futaba r136f receiver manual:

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