Going from automatic to manual licence qld


I had to leave my car where is was rht in the middle of surfers. i actually own that manual car and has been driving like that for a year.

Open licence Transport and motoring - Queensland

I got $250 and no points for driving manual in auto license.

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How To Upgrade From Automatic To Manual License Qld

And could I simply book a manual test and go for it in the car im going to buy? For QLD, seeing as the laws haven't been brought in, penalities have not yet been confirmed. I would be keen to hear what the penalty would be for a auto driver on their opens in QLD? To me 1 point and $100 doesnt seem like much to deter at all.

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Just didnt get my manuals due to procastination.booked in test a week later and im all legal now lol What about insurance & accidents.... You have an auto licence and your driving a manual car, you are then rear ended and thus have an accident.

Going from automatic to manual licence qld:

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