Owner manual sony srf m37v

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Gonna pick up a set of Portapros or Sennheiser PX100.

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The cord acts as an antenna, so I guess the Sonys are desned to work well in this regard.

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Sony SRF-M37V Walkman Radio - Universal

And to this from Lit Up: "Once in a while you'll find the Sony SFR-M37V at Wal-Mart (Around 28-30ish), but for the most part it's usually bookshelf stereos and alarm clocks.

CF-570S Radio Sony; Tokyo, build 1977. 9 pictures, 8

If you've got the DIY spirit and would like to see just how many SW stations you could really get, you can try out my 15 Dollar 15 Minute antenna, made from common cable television cabling and wire, all available at your local Radio Shack: is an article I wrote for a Sony 7600GR , but it'll work for any SW radio with a mini-jack antenna input.

Owner manual sony srf m37v:

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