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You can also find some excellent instructions about converting tapes to CD at (this is what I used as my starting point).

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Essentially, the process is to hook a tape player up to the sound card on your PC, record the songs/music on the tape to WAV files on the computer, and then transfer the WAV files to a CD. Step 1: Connect your tape player to your sound card If you have a tape player with a "line-out" jack, you should really use that, but you can use the headphone jack in a pinch.

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Almost every sound card in the world uses 1/8th-inch plugs, although your line-out/headphone jack may or may not be the same size (make sure you're using a cable with stereo plugs -- if there's one little ring around the metal part of the plug it's mono, if there are two little rings it's stereo).

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Play a little bit of the tape to make sure it's coming out of the PC speakers -- if it is, you've hooked everything up rht.

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