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I scoured the ads in Astronomy magazine for hours, looking at the fantastic Meade and Celestron offerings, along with Coulter Optical Dobs and such. Apparently, the glass for this lens was NOT going to come out of the cell! That's when it gets cloudy for days on end after you receive new equipment).

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As we age, many of the hardships or poor experiences fade in one's memory, and we often see the past through rose-colored glasses.

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This is too bad, because many of these instruments are superior in many ways to presently available telescopes. After I purchased my very first "real" telescope - a 50mm f/10 Meade refractor with 0.965" eyepieces on an alt-az mount - I delved into researching what a "better" telescope would be. " I got my answer a few nhts later when it cleared (you've heard of the Astronomer's Curse, rht?

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An example of that is the telescopes made many decades ago. This is a Meade 390 refractor telescope, mounted on an altitude/azimuth mount (up/down - spins around). Using rubbing alcohol and LOTS of cotton balls, I carefully scrubbed as much dirt off the lens as I could, swapping cotton balls frequently to avoid scratching the glass as the cotton picked up dirt.

Meade model 395 owners manual:

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