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In the drawings wherein like reference characters denote corresponding parts throughout the several views: F. 2, showing the gearing arrangement and with the wall removed. 4 is a diagrammatic plan view of a typical indicator or dial face to be associated with the meter of FS. Fitting in a slot 56 at the lower part of the strap 36 will be the mechano transducer element, as shown in F. This element has a plate shaft 57', the end of which rides in said slot 56', and it is also provided with a metal shell 58', a cathode enclosed therein 59', a grid 60', a plate 61', a getter 62', an internal shield 63', a heater 64', an exhaust tip 65' and the connections 66.

Patent US3264876 - Altitude and vertical velocity meter - Google

TEN Boscl-l ETAL 3,264,876 ALTITUDE AND VERTICAL VELOCITY METER Filed Nov 29, 1955 ll Sheets-Sheet 1 'AIV ZTFUNUN OU IZOU ZOrrumddo U INVENTOR. 1 is a schematic diagram of the layout of the altitude vertical velocity meter of the present invention. 2 is a side elevational View of one form of meter with the side ofthe casing removed. As the lever Z swings in the direction 55, its action on the stem 57 will move the plate 57x (see F. 1 includes the various elements desnated 257, 25S, 259, 79, 80, 81, 76 and 77, while the connection X3 of F. 14 the motor HH will drive the toothed shaft 257 which in turn will drive the pinion 259 and the shaft 258. The worm 79 will drive the gear 80 on the shaft 81.

Patent US3264876 - Altitude and vertical velocity meter - Google

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On the other hand, the electrical outputs ofthe altimeter -of the present invention are the temperature-corrected pressure-altitude, the vertical velocity, and the static pressure, and these outputs will be given with hh accuracy from minus 500 feet to plus 80,00() feet above sea level, and with a sensitivity of about plus or minus 10 feet. The lower end of the arm 17 has pivotal connections 21 to the ends 22 of the springs K. 6 correspondingly functioning parts are indicated Iby the same letters and numerals as in FS. The center Ga of lthe lever Z has an upper strap 35a and a lower strap 36a (see particularly F.

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'Tr-: N BOSCH ETAL 3,264,876 ALTITUDE AND VERTICAL VELOCITY METER Filed Nov. With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention consists of the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts as hereinafter more specifiy described, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein is shown an embodiment of the invention, but it is to be understood that changes, variations and modifications can be resorted to which fall within the scope of the yclaim hereunto appended. 5 is a side elevational view of the connection between the bellows arrangement and the intermediate support. 6 is a fragmentary top perspective view of a moditied 2-lever arrangement from that shown in F. Between the frame members 38a and 41a the diagonally crossing suspension rod or wire elements 42a, 43a, 44a and 45a will 'be provided to suspend the pivot box Ga of the lever Z in position, so that it may swing laterally in the direction indicated by the double curved arrow 55a.

Electro nite dt 400 manual:

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