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Toughness of fiber-reinforced titanium as a function of

TEN BOSCH ETAL 3,264,876 ALTITUDE AND VERTICAL VELOCITY METER Filed Nov. The altitude reading is based upon a mean standard atmosphere assuming that the temperature is fixed a constant and that the altitude will vary with the pressure. 9 is a side elevational View partly in section, showing the arrangement of the mechano-electronic transducer. 9a is a diagrammatic side elevational view of an alternative mechanoelectronic transducer using an E transformer in lieu of the thermionic transducer of F. The springs K at -their other ends 23 are connected to the mounts 24 on the housing. 6) which forms a box between the upper support frame member 41a and the lower support frame 38a.

Experimental study of electrostatic precipitator. - Lorentz

In the drawings wherein like reference characters denote corresponding parts throughout the several views: F. 2, showing the gearing arrangement and with the wall removed. 4 is a diagrammatic plan view of a typical indicator or dial face to be associated with the meter of FS. Fitting in a slot 56 at the lower part of the strap 36 will be the mechano transducer element, as shown in F. This element has a plate shaft 57', the end of which rides in said slot 56', and it is also provided with a metal shell 58', a cathode enclosed therein 59', a grid 60', a plate 61', a getter 62', an internal shield 63', a heater 64', an exhaust tip 65' and the connections 66.

Master's thesis - au

Master's thesis - au

However if the temperature is not fixed or constant and the temperature is substantially different at one altitude than at .another the normal pressure derived altitude is corrected for the temperature and may be referred to as pressure altitude temperature corrected or as temperature corrected pressure altitude. 7 is a top perspective View of an alternative form of meter with the casing removed. 8 is a fragmentary top perspective view showing the central pivot mounting associated with the lever arrangement of F. The lever arrangement is shown removed from the mechanism and diagrammatiy in one form in F. The strap 36a may ride in the slot 37a in the lower frame member 38a while the slot or opening 39a in the upper strap 35a will receive the lower end 40a of the upper frame member 41a.

Ultra-Narrow Laser for Optical Frequency Reference

9) closer to or farther away from the grid 60 and will cause an electrical snal to be transmitted through the wire conduits 66and to line 320 to a compensator U as shown in F. The angle of the swing 55 and the movement of the stylus or plate shaft 57 will be determined by the static pressure input P through the conduit 13 as applied to the evacuated bellows B. 1 includes the elements 257, 259, 258, '79, 811, 81, 264, 81a, 83 and 199. The shaft S1 is split because of the limited space available within the meter housing into a second shaft 81a with the drive being transmitted through the small gears 263 and 264.

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