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There's not that many shows worth recording, but it seems they are all on at the same time... It basiy means 8 new outlets after the 5 already existing outlets.

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Thinking I'm going to in and swap my 2.0 for a 3.0 later today; as the current 2-channel tuner does bite us in the ass every once in a while. I'm thinking the cable box has a built in amplifier or rogers will have to installed one separately because it will not work in most households where there already are at least 5 splits after the drop.

<strong>Cisco</strong> Explorer 8640HD, <strong>8642HD</strong>, 8650HD, and 8652HD Hh.

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The unit is very responsive and fast, no lag time, the IPG works really well, and channel changes are quicker. Switched out my 2.0 as fast as I could (hated it after the new guide...). Anyone deciding to get one should know that it takes 20 minutes to set up..... Mine required 2 boot's before the time clock appeared plus an additional 5 minutes for another load of something and I have no Idea what that last load was for ...

Cisco Explorer 8640HD, 8642HD, 8650HD, and 8652HD Hh.

So - I see Rogers has just launched the next gen of their whole-home PVR...

Rogers cisco 8642hd pvr manual:

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