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General Style Manual The style guidelines provided here should be followed in preparing manuscripts for submission to any journal of the Plant Management Network. Unless otherwise indicated, all manuscripts submitted for publication in a PMN journal must have a title that is descriptive of the topic discussed in the manuscript and contain a verb. List all authors by their full names, e.g., Jane E. It is only necessary to cite these materials by specific name if the work cannot be otherwise replicated.

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Cases treated either with a combination of Na I and Penstrip (F = 6.34, P = 0.004) or “Endod” and Penstrip (F = 3.64, P = 0.031) demonstrated snificant response.

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Statistiy snificant difference (P = 0.0036) in therapeutic effect was observed among the different remedies.

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The difference in response to treatment between early and advanced cases of EH was statistiy snificant (t = 2.22, P = 0.0148).

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