Buffalo linkstation live manual

Install Debian on the Linkstation Pro/Live - NAS-Central Buffalo.

These devices have cloud softwares and applications for your laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc which make accessing your content seamless This article is not about those devices because as you know, those devices have seamless connectivity.


In this blog, I will cover how to connect to your NAS storage (Buffalo Linkstation) from I devices and Androids but you can use these guidelines for NAS drives from other manufacturers as well.

Install Debian on the <i>Linkstation</i> Pro/<i>Live</i> - NAS-Central <i>Buffalo</i>.

LinkStation 200 Series Buffalo Americas

Misconception I have read many people complain about how slow the website is and that it is very slow to transfer data from the Buffalo server.

LinkStation 400 Series Buffalo Americas

As NAS drives become common these days as a centralized storage of data at home or office, we find the need to integrate it in our connected lifestyle where everything is accessible over ip network and everything is accessible from everywhere.

Buffalo linkstation live manual:

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